Andrea Robinson and her ASR Studios team create detailed, inspired homes that artfully and elegantly reflect the lives of the people who live in them. The team's meticulous attention to detail and proportion is borne from a process of discovery and close collaboration. They listen and translate, balancing their own expertise with each client’s unique needs and desires. Shared inspirations, conversations, and experiences are distilled into open, inviting, and refined settings, effortlessly blending contemporary and traditional styles.  

Andrea found her way to high-end residential interior design by way of architecture and a formative period in Paris where she had the privilege to work almost exclusively on museum design. Thinking about the best way to experience an individual piece of art brought the challenge of architecture and design down to its essential, experiential, and personal scale. Her experiences cultivated in Andrea a passion for materials and textures, light and proportion, color and space, all of which she brings to bear on her approach to residential interiors.

Andrea and her team carefully curate materials and furnishings that enhance the client’s intent. Coordinating seamlessly with the architecture, landscape, and building teams, ASR Studios integrates the elemental functions of living with the artistry of design to transform each home into a harmonious work of individual beauty.